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Solar Furnace

Building a DIY or homemade solar furnace in your home is a great choice as a solar furnace is basically a structure that is created to capture the energy of sunrays in order to create a high temperature that can then be converted to heat your home's water. This capture of the sun's rays is implemented by utilizing a single curved mirror or multiple mirrors that will be used as a parabolic reflector which is capable of concentrating the sun's light on to a given focal point.

Solar Furnace




By pinpointing all this light into a small area the temperature at this focal point is then capable of reaching a temperature of up to 4,000 degrees Celsius, and this heat can not only be used to generate electricity, melt steel or make hydrogen fuel, but it can be used to make hot water for your home as well as warm your home during the winter months.

Although a popular solar furnace which is located at Odeillo (pictured above) in the French Pyrenees Mountains was opened in the 1970's, it is considered to be the largest solar furnace in the world. This solar furnace utilizes an array of planed mirrors to gather the sun light and reflect this light on to a larger curved mirror which in turn that curved mirror is then focused on to a small area that is about the size of a cooking pot but it is capable reaching an amazing 3,000 degrees Celsius.

The first of the modern solar furnace design is believed to have first been built in France around 1949 by Professor Félix Trombe and it is still in its place at Mont Louis which is located close to the Odeillo solar furnace. The French Pyrenees Mountains were chosen as the best possible site for these solar furnaces due to the weather in the area being sunny as much as 300 days a year.

There has also been many a debate as well as suggestions that a solar furnace could be utilized in space in order to provide sufficient energy for almost any manufacturing purpose, but due to the solar furnace's reliance on continuously sunny weather means that the solar furnace is unlikely to be utilized as a source of renewable energy on Earth's surface.

The principles of the solar furnace is also believed to have been known back in ancient times since during the Second Punic War, the Greek scientist known as Archimedes was said to have repelled the attack by a Roman ship when he set the ships on fire using a burning glass which many believe to have been array of mirrors.

A group from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted an experiment to test this possible theory in 2005 and they were able to conclude that although it could be considered to be a sound theory, the mirrors would not have been able to set a ship on fire under the intense conditions that Archimedes faced during the battle.

A homemade solar furnace of course is less involved than the above examples. Many people choose to buy a book and build their own DIY solar furnace project over the weekend. Others prefer to buy a commercial unit. The choice is yours. When it comes to saving money and environment at the same time, the choice is clear. Simply do it.

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